about engage

Engage Data is a Vancouver, Canada based startup that was brought into the world in March 2013. We arose from the clear need to support business users and academics make decisions in the face of complex and messy data.  Our background is a mix of Design, UX, Cognitive Science, Computer Science, and survivors of the IT field.

the people

Kyle Melnick

Kyle was born amongst the wheat and corn fields of small-town Ontario. Instead of taking up the respectable and profitable life of a beet farmer, he now he spends his time building visual interfaces that empower people to generate knowledge and solve problems. He enjoys this a lot.

Kevin Ho

Kevin was born in Vancouver and grew up in Richmond. He enjoys gardening, cooking, tinkering and can often be found musing about how to tackle big messy social problems. At UBC he was successful at learning about things unrelated to coursework. He likes to think that he is good at holistic thinking and challenging calcified assumptions.

Theo Rosenfeld

Theo read a lot of comics growing up, and he was amazed at the depth and density of communication that can take place when words and images are combined on a small flat surface. Now he develops interactive data visualizations that provide analysts and decision makers with the information they need, as they need it.

Warren Michelow

Warren’s winding journey from South Africa to the west coast involved stints in manufacturing, mining, airlines, publishing, consulting and a couple of startups. Following a decade in the wilds of academic health research and epidemiology, he now happily mashes up all this experience in the realm of big data.

Jessie Chen

Jessie was born in Vancouver, and spent much of her childhood in the far-too-humid, moped-infested city of Taipei. At UBC, she learned some things about computers and human cognition, and even more about what we don’t know. A proponent of compound adjectives, she aspires to be a full-fledged, jedi-level data ninja.

Benji Shieh

Born in Taipei and grew up in Ottawa – Benji is still learning how to hike long distances and take deep satisfying breaths in Vancouver. He also believes that we could all learn an important lesson from cooking – how to keep the big picture in mind while attending to all the little but delicious details.

Caitlyn McColeman

Caitlyn moved to Vancouver in pursuit of a graduate degree in cognitive psychology. She thrills in applying what she’s studied in cognition to effectively communicating information to users and audiences. You’re most likely to spot her in the wild near sources of caffeine, puns, Wi-Fi and/or puppies

Collective Skills

Visual Analytics: designing and employing data visualization techniques in exploratory analysis, guided analytic interfaces, and interactive reporting tools.

Statistical Modeling: mathematical techniques for validating apparent relationships and quantifying the magnitude of relationships within a specified margin of error.

Natural Language Parsing: techniques for rendering unstructured data suitable for analysis. This can range from extracting specific information from ‘description’ fields within databases (or emails, meeting minutes, etc.), to revealing common topics and sentiments in web-based discussion threads.

Data Assessment and Wrangling: validating and assessing data for a given analytic task, converting raw data into a more convenient form for use in visualization and statistical processing software. This can involve combining datasets, standardizing formats, handling irregular values, and reducing data entry errors.

User Experience and Interaction Design: understanding what you (or your users) need to be able to do, and designing and making interfaces that support those functions and look good while doing it.