what we do

Taking advantage of data is about building a culture of data, so that it becomes an automatic and seamless way to add value in every aspect of a company.

Importantly, getting value out of data is much more than a technical challenge; it involves understanding the people who use the data and the contexts they use it in.

Engage Data will put the pieces together – you, your data, your questions – so you can take full advantage of data in your business to solve problems and make decisions.

Types of problems that we’ve solved:

Reducing Weeks of Repeated Analysis Effort to Days

Problem: The client’s internal consulting team was performing analysis on historical snapshots of high-dimensional operations data to identify pain-points and untapped opportunities. They wanted to increase the speed/accuracy that they could perform engagements but their analysis environment, Excel, required a lot of manual effort, rework, and was slow for exploratory analysis.

Solution: Working with the consultants we translated their analytic process into an advanced visualization interface that supported targeted analysis goals while remaining flexible to allow for exploratory analysis.  What took them several weeks to do before now takes only a few days. Oh and we simplified their data management so they didn’t want to pull their hair out anymore.

Developing Organization-wide Performance Metrics

Problem: The client wanted a way to evaluate and measure performance to drive workplace safety initiatives. The correct metrics were unclear and the necessary data was in multiple, disparate sources and was, to say the least, a little messy.

Solution: Evaluated and determined what data would be valuable. Then wrangled, assessed, tested and validated different metrics derived from the data that led to some important organizational changes.

Understanding Inventory Levels

Problem: A retailer wanted to have better insight into the inventory performance of different retail locations.

Solution: Inventory data was extracted from legacy systems, cleaned and merged with several other datasets. Recommendations were made on how to modify the collection techniques to increase data quality. Analysis was done and the insights were used to drive a workshop with different groups to determine areas of improvement.

Explaining Value to the Customer

Problem: The client had several different products on offer. Determining what was appropriate and would meet their customer’s need was a complex decision making task that required working closely with the customer. They wanted a more efficient way to facilitate this process with the client and communicate the value of each offering.

Solution: A decision support interface was developed that clearly communicated the different offerings and enabled interactive modifications by the customer. This facilitated a conversation and allowed for clear communication between the client and their customer.

Keeping the Company Informed

Problem: For an operations-oriented company, it was beneficial for employees from all over the organization to know and understand the current performance and context of the days operations. However the different groups rarely talked to each other and were geographically dispersed.

Solution: An organization-wide situational awareness dashboard was designed to provide up-to-date information to keep everyone from finance-to-operations-to-executives in the loop. This would allow everyone to make more informed decisions and feel better connected to the company goals. 

Unlocking the Value of Text Data

Problem: Domain experts needed to understand the issues that were occurring in their transportation network to find solutions and increase efficiency. However, the nature of the issues were recorded in a free text description field – and there were hundreds of thousands of them. Reading these was a painful and time consuming process.

Solution: We applied text analytics to build a summarization layer to greatly reduce the amount of reading required. This was integrated with the structured data in an interface that allowed them to interactively select subsets and navigate to the appropriate data summaries.

Empowering the Marketing Team

Problem: The client had developed several data models so their marketing analysts could more easily demonstrate the value of their products to their customers. However, they found the output tied their analysts to their IT team and they wanted a more engaging way to convey the story to their customers than traditional PowerPoint slides.

Solution: A series of customizable, interactive, visualization templates were made that allowed their analysts to easily explore the data and build a value story. The templates also served as an interactive medium for engaging with customers to tell that story in a responsive way – answering ad-hoc questions and proposing alternative scenarios on the fly.

how we do it

We are client-centered, we understand that each business problem is unique and that the best solution is one designed for your needs and context.

So we don’t offer one solution. We solve hard problems with a combination of:

Integrating Analytics at the Business Level

  • Translating business needs to concrete analytic questions and data problems
  • Analytic strategy definition and road-mapping
  • Recommendations for tool and analytic environments

Working With Data

  • Cleaning, connecting and shaping many kinds of data
  • Exploring large, complex, and unstructured data for potential opportunities
  • Advising on analytic requirements for data infrastructure

Data Visualization and Interface Design

  • Designing advanced interactive visual interfaces for domain experts to navigate complex data
  • Designing customized reports that deliver concise information to users at regular intervals
  • Enabling Data Storytelling with compelling, easy to use, customer facing data visualizations
  • Developing and advising on designs for prototype data products


  • Deploying text analytics for analysis and summarization of unstructured documents
  • Performing valid, meaningful analysis and delivering insights in easy-to-understand, visual, interactive reports
  • Applying appropriate machine learning methods
  • Applying appropriate statistical modelling methods

Training and Workshops

  • Facilitating workshops to build data culture and data literacy within organizations
  • Delivering Visual Analytics training and consulting to users of Tableau and Spotfire
  • Delivering ‘Stats for the Business User’ training

We are tool agnostic, but we spend most of our time in Tableau, Spotfire, Python, D3, SAS, VBA and Adobe products.

Still not sure we can help you? We’re happy to talk about your problem and let you know if we can help. If we can’t, we’ll refer you to someone who can.


It’s a big world out there.

We can apply our skills to any domain, and have recently worked with clients in
aviation, retail, public health on problems including logistics, post-operations analysis, marketing.